Is There Any More Tea In That Pot?

Everyday events in the life of a tea lover.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve 2011.

Sunrise 24th December Christmas Eve  2011

Cornish Clotted cream sent by post. Great with mince pies!
Our Nativity figures on the hearth.

A Very Happy Christmas to Everyone!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Saturday December 10th 2011. Winter finally decides to arrive..

7.00am. The moon just setting behind the houses.
I woke up to an extremely heavy frost, and all the house roofs were white. It was
 -3C during the night. I looked out of the upstairs window watching the moon sinking out of sight below the horizon. The garden plants were etched in rime. Here is a lingering alchemilla mollis, determined to outlast the beginnings of the proper winter weather.    
Alchemilla mollis

As usual, I went outside and took some more photos once the sun began to appear. A fine bright start to the day. But cold.My breath hung on the air in a mist. It is finally feeling like winter, and the days are truly short. Sunset at 3.55pm. Sunrise at 8.00am. There are now only 8 hours of daylight, with the winter Solstice coming up on the 22nd December.Known as the Shortest Day of the year here in the UK.            
Bush roses still resisting the cold!
View from the loft bedroom. Always a vantage point!
Frost on the roofs. 

Sunrise. 8.10am. Taken from the front of the house.