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Monday, 6 February 2012

Today marks the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. 60 years on the throne.

A special day today.
It marks the 60th Anniversary of our present Queen's Accession to the throne, on the death of her father, George VI, in 1952.
60 photos, one for each year of her reign, are now on display in Windsor Castle.
Click the link to see a sample.

And here are just a few more......................................

Golden Jubilee.

The State opening of Parliament.

Inspecting flowers after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales

Returning home from Kenya on the death of her father, George VI.

Coronation Day. 1953

The two Queen Elizabeth's

Wedding day.

Her engagement to Prince Philip. 
I quote from the BBC News website then this morning:

"The Queen, 85, usually spends Accession Day - the day her father, George VI, died in 1952 - privately but this year has two engagements in Norfolk.This year's anniversary will be marked by visits to King's Lynn Town Hall and the nearby Dersingham Infant and Nursery School.Crowds are expected to gather to greet the Queen, despite the cold weather.Two official photographs were released, and a 41-gun salute will be held in Hyde Park, London, followed by a 62-gun salute at the Tower of London.In a message, she also said she felt "deeply moved" by the support shown for her Diamond Jubilee.It will be marked by several events, with the main celebrations in June.
During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has seen 11 UK prime ministers come and go, with David Cameron her 12th.Mr Cameron praised the "magnificent service" given by the Queen and called her a "source of wisdom and continuity"."With experience, dignity and quiet authority she has guided and united our nation and the Commonwealth over six varied decades," he said.

One former Prime Minister, John Major, reflected on the counsel of the Queen and the many private meetings he had with her during his premiership during an interview on BBC One's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. He said: "Most of the present cabinet weren't born when the Queen became monarch. So there's very little she hasn't seen, very little she doesn't understand. And anyone who doesn't listen to her view and consult her when necessary is missing a huge opportunity."
Meanwhile, Sir John has formally launched the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust to help those in need across the Commonwealth.He will chair the grant-making body, which will focus on areas such as fighting curable diseases and the promotion of education and culture.
A set of six 1st class definitive stamps, all of which feature official portraits of the Queen, are also being issued to mark the monarch's milestone.Moya Greene, Royal Mail's chief executive, said: "The Queen's image is one of the most recognisable in the world and we are delighted to bring these iconic images together to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen's accession."
The Diamond Jubilee Miniature Sheet marks the first occasion on which official images of the monarch, sourced from stamps, coins and banknotes, have been brought together for a stamp issue.
Events planned to take place during the summer include the Queen leading a flotilla of a thousand boats along the Thames and a chain of beacons being lit across the country.The Queen's 60 years as monarch are set to be marked by a series of regional, national and international events during 2012, culminating in a four-day long UK Bank Holiday weekend in June.
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh also intend to travel as widely as possible across the UK.
Other members of the Royal Family will visit the 15 other countries where the Queen is head of state, as well as some other Commonwealth countries.

In her message to mark the anniversary, the Queen said: "I am writing to thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement that you have given to me and Prince Philip over these years and to tell you how deeply moved we have been to receive so many kind messages about the Diamond Jubilee.
"In this special year, as I dedicate myself anew to your service, I hope we will all be reminded of the power of togetherness and the convening strength of family, friendship and good neighbourliness, examples of which I have been fortunate to see throughout my reign and which my family and I look forward to seeing in many forms as we travel throughout the United Kingdom and the wider Commonwealth."

God Save the Queen!! Salve Regina!!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

They were right! It is snowing. 5.30pm 4th February 2012

5.30pm.The School opposite our house. Used on Saturdays for leisure clubs. 

The usual back garden photo with snow. 

4th February 2012. Current temperature at 7.00am, -8C And snow on the way.

Caroline and Fred Smith, with me aged around 2 years  old. 
It  is my birthday today. Here I am with my paternal grandparents, in their garden, aged about 2 years old.  Now being a Senior Citizen myself, it seems as if time goes far more quickly! I have my own grandchild, 4 months old, who is coming to stay today with his parents. So the pattern of life is repeated in timeless sequence.    
When I woke this morning the temperature was -8C and the sun pouring in through our bedroom window. An extremely hard frost.  The forecasters tell us that snow is on the way. I watched the redwings in our neighbour's garden late yesterday afternoon as the sun was setting and the freezing cold returning with a vengeance.
They were feasting on the left over windfall apples which lay on the ground under the ancient tree. There were over 30 of them all at once. It was like a brood of chickens frenziedly pecking at newly scattered corn! Very soon the apples were shredded and devoured. As the light faded the whole flock rose into the air to wing their way to their roosting place for the night, where ever that may be.
On holiday.Nyons, Provence, France. 2010. Santé!!  
And as for me, as I type this, our cat is snuggled up to the radiator, having decided it is too cold to stay outdoors. I am thankful for a warm home, and look forward to welcoming my family.   

Thursday, 2 February 2012

And a thrush sings........................2nd February. 2012

Timelord and I went for a walk this afternoon.The day had started off at -2C at 9.00am. But the temperature lifted a little after lunch.  There were about 50 redwings in the back ash tree before breakfast, and the woodpecker was back to hang on what was left of the coconut. 
A mistle thrush. 
As we walked on I could hear, for the first time this year, a thrush singing. A glorious liquid lifting soaring of notes. Gladdens the heart, and makes you think he knows winter is receding,  when the temperatures across Europe have been -28C in places. !!!
As I write, I can still hear it in the trees across from the house.
Well, at least he thinks spring is on its way, like the magpie I saw with a beak full of twigs, flying over the rooftops a couple of days ago.
And the crazy squirrels chasing each other round and round the tree trunks in a helter skelter movement, until you would think they would become extremely dizzy!
A Redwing

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

"What is the definition of a dead ball?" !!! Or "Is it cricket?"

 My dear husband of almost 40 years, will reach the milestone age of 60 very soon.So to mark the occasion, or to pursue a childhood dream (!) he has decided to take a  course at Warwickshire County Cricket ground to become an Umpire. On Monday evening this week when I was out warbling away at Vivaldi's "Gloria" and CPE Bach's "Magnificat" with my local choral society rehearsal, he was at Edgbaston cricket ground for his first in a series of 8 sessions. This lasted for two and a half hours. No break, and no cup of tea! (Tragic for a Teapot like me!)  He duly returned home at around 10.45pm, having first done a day's work at the office.        Commitment indeed! I by this time was not receptive, due to the lateness of the hour, and a glass of red wine........I did not wish to discuss the finer points of the Laws of Cricket, which are legion I can assure you! We had to watch a pre-recorded session of the evening's "University Challenge" in order for him to wind down! I always watch this
programme with the sub-titles more often than not, I don't even understand the questions...
However, I have to confess when he told me what his homework was I laughed so much it made me think of Matt, who would've been splitting his sides at the thought. And Timelord said I wonder what the French translation would be?
And suggested, tongue-in-cheek that I could make translating the rules of cricket into French my next assignment!
Dead ball?   La boule est morte???????? 

So, the homework is to learn, amongst others, the definition of a dead ball. Yes, cricket is a funny old game, but we love it!
This definition is Law 23- Dead Ball.
Others      Law 9 -  The bowling, popping and return creases.

Watch this space!