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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Snapshots of April and May. 2013.

Deep crimson rhododendron blooms.

Magnolia stellata in our garden

A watchful cat in the school grounds 

Canal boats. King Edwards Wharf. Birmingham.

A morning walk......Monday 20th May. 2013

It was such a lovely May morning that I left the housework to itself, (not difficult in my case!) and took myself out for a walk. There is nothing quite like the scent and sound of May in full bloom. The birds are now in full throated song.The new leaves so fresh, filling the trees with all the variations of green that could possibly be painted.
The smell of May was heady. Newly cut grass verges in the damp air. The day had begun with a slight mistiness and humidity, which enhanced the scent of the bluebells as I passed by, and highlighted the sense of the overwhelming reappearance of flowers, blossom, leaves, responding to the sap rise and their own rebirth. 
And how is it, that this time with the season being so late, everything seems so much more vibrant, with late daffodils mixed in with bluebells and apple blossom, tulips and lilac blooms. 
Nature has a way of surprising us all. 

A glorious bank of azaleas and rhododendrons

Tiger cat waiting for his lunch.

Apple blossom now out in our garden

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Maytime has at last unfurled the leaves.

I find it amazing that after what seemed like an endless winter delaying the start of spring by at least  two to three weeks, the trees and plants have suddenly burst into life.
The cherries especially have been particularly beautiful. 
I have not written much here lately having had a bout of viral illness which has settled. I had not had very much energy. 
So, as the first Bank Holiday in May approached we all looked to the traditionally here in the UK these particular weekends are not renowned for being particularly sunny and warm, quite the opposite! 
I am certain that the lovely weather which arrived, briefly but very welcome, made everyone collectively smile and relax! It lifted the spirit.          
Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2013 8.30a.m. 
 As my favourite poet has written
" There never was a finer day,
And never will be while May is May.
The third and not the last of its kind;
But though fair and clear the two behind
Seemed pursued by tempests overpast;
And the morrow with the fear that it could not last....."

May the Twenty-third
Edward Thomas.

So, even as he was writing in the days just at the beginning of the First World War in 1914, he, like me, watched the skies and wondered how long the beautiful days would last.  
 He has a lovely line in the same poem which says:
" Spring could do nothing to make me sad.
Bluebells hid all the ruts in the copse,
The elm seeds lay in the road like hops,
That fine day, May the twenty-third"

Goldfinch on my nyjer seed feeders
 So, as I watched the goldfinches on my feeders, and saw the cherry blossom finally appear, I smiled and enjoyed the day.
Cherry blossom at last came out!  

Pink cherry