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Monday, 29 October 2012

October 28th Monday

The Burning of the Leaves. 

Now is the time for the burning of the leaves,
They go to the fire; the nostrils prick with smoke
Wandering slowly into the weeping mist.
Brittle and blotched, ragged and rotten sheaves!
A flame seizes the smouldering ruin, and bites
On stubborn stalks that crackle as they resist.
The last hollyhock's fallen tower is dust:
All the spices of June are a bitter reek,
All the extravagant riches spent and mean.
All burns! the reddest rose is a ghost.
Spark whirl up, to expire in the mist: the wild
Fingers of fire are making corruption clean.
Now is the time for stripping the spirit bare,
Time for the burning of days ended and done,
Idle solace of things that have gone before,
Rootless hope and fruitless desire are there:
Let them go to the fire with never a look behind.
That world that was ours is a world that is ours no more.
They will come again, the leaf and the flower, to arise
From squalor of rottenness into the old splendour,
And magical scents to a wondering memory bring;
The same glory, to shine upon different eyes.
Earth cares for her own ruins, naught for ours.
Nothing is certain, only the certain spring.
Laurence Binyon

Sunday, 21 October 2012

October 21st A morning of gossamer like cobwebs everywhere.

"The gossamers wander at their own will."

Edward Thomas. "October"

It was an amazing sight this morning in the mist, to see the cobwebs everywhere. Why do the spiders make these webs in October? I have no idea.They must know, somehow, that there will be plenty of flies and insects for them to trap.
I watched a spider yesterday in our front garden, as his web had been broken, by this morning there was another one, perfectly spun.

It reminded me of a saying my father used to read to me when I was small.

"If at first you don't succeed
Try and try again.
'Tis a lesson you must heed
Try and try again".

This was after he recounted the story of Robert the Bruce of Scotland and the Spider. A tale I loved to hear!

I just realised that the Scottish people are voting tomorrow in a referendum to say whether or not they want independence from the United Kingdom! Maybe the legend will come true once again!! Or not! .......    

Almost time to put the garden to bed........October flower beds are beginning to die back into the soil.


Edward Thomas. 

"The green elm with the one great bough of gold 
Lets leaves  into the grass slip, one by one, -
The short hill grass, the mushrooms small milk-white........
.......And the wind travels too slow to shake the fallen beech leaves from the fern......"   


Our neighbour's beautiful tree. 

The plants in my borders are fading. Seed heads ripening

Last of my sunflowers

Morning mist 17th October

Sunday, 14 October 2012

First frost of October.

This morning the roofs were white with frost as I woke after an extremely enjoyable evening the night before. Our friends once more joined us for supper. As they came through the door, so did  their lovely generosity! We dined on pork, that had been cooked by Rosie, in a slow cooker during the day, containing amongst it's ingredients, lots of cider. It was so tender. We ate it warm, in bread rolls. That was accompanied by homemade stufffing, apple sauce and crackling. A huge bowl of chopped salad, and another of chopped fresh fruits. Tiramisu, trifle, wine, and soft drinks. 

After which we all played a game called "Sequences"        
Apparently, according to the rules, there must be NO table talk between members, and NO coaching!  NO chance with the 10 of us gathered round the table! I have to say that our little team won, even though one member would not have had a clue as to how!  And as to how we won? My lips are sealed!
My dear hubby called it a "riotous bear garden free for all!" which about says it all!
A sycamore seed frozen to the patio table. 

8.36am. Sun catching the maple colours, 

8,29am October 14th Frost on the roofs,

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

There was an early morning  mist on the 7th October, which to me at least finally signified the reality of autumn, and now, with shortening daylight hours, the trees have begun to prepare for the  beginning of winter. As I look out of  the windows each morning I see colours changing to golds and reds and brilliant yellows. The light is so sharp, and the sun lower down on the horizon. 

And to quote my favourite poet, Edward Thomas. 

" There is nothing like the sun as the year dies."
Ocober 7th  7.29am

October 7th 7.31am

October 12th  10.08am

October 12th  10.13am

October 12th 10.15am

October 12th 10.16am

October 12th 10.16am

October 12th 10.17am. 

October 12th 10.18am

October 13th 8.00am. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

October 1st 2012

October 1st started out as a glorious morning, so we went for a walk, passing Moor Hall Hotel and  Golf Course along the way. Autumn colours now in evidence. I loved the leaves on this tree we passed on our route. Of course it was also the morning after the amazing come back by the Europe  
Ryder Cup Team, who won the prestigious golfing tournament against the Americans, in a thrilling 
roller-coaster ending!   

Moor Hall Hotel.