Is There Any More Tea In That Pot?

Everyday events in the life of a tea lover.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

A real mini heatwave! Till next Tuesday at least. 27C today,

Blue sky day today! The garden has been veritably basking in the sunshine the past few days. And so have I!  Out there morning till early evening. The patio window open, and the summerhouse with doors fully extended.....And me, I love the feel of cool grass under my feet.      

 Well, I discovered on or two things today........
Just underneath  the ledge of the patio table, I spotted a miniature cocoon, when I pushed my chair back hundreds of newly hatched tiny spiders took exception  to the vibrations and descended on gossamer threads! They didn't do anything, and once I had settled down  to eat my lunch, they scuttled back up again and huddled together in their spider nursery. I was fascinated.

 The next event was finding that I have two or three wild honey bees using the bee box. They were being busy too!  As I always have my camera handy, I took their photo.  

 Everything suddenly seems to be "busting out all over" as the old song goes.
So I took more pictures throughout the day as I carried on planting  sunflower seeds, and mowing the grass.
Already one or two sunflowers are pushing above the soil.  

Late afternoon. 

Cool grass under my feet
Sundown. 9.00pm

Sunset seen through the bathroom window

Glorious end to a glorious day!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday 23rd May 2012. Glorious day!!

I started the day with breakfast in the summerhouse. It was a beautiful morning with another azure blue sky. Warm, sunshine, smell of blossom and hardly any breeze. 
Later I began to work on weeding the rockery, and then found myself fascinated by a wild bumble bee, who was transporting pollen in his leg sacks, into a small hole in the soil. I watched him for ages, back and forth. Just how do they fly?! Such large bodies for such tiny wings.    
View from summerhouse 
 I spent most of the day outside, the washing dried in no time on the line. The down side being it has to be ironed!! But I hate being cooped up on a ( very rare) summer day.

My "wild patch" in the garden.
 So now, on a warm evening and friends coming to dinner, maybe it will be summer again tomorrow..........

Apple blossom. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Finally.........maybe.......a touch of real summer. 21st May 2012

Well, for once today, we have sun!! And after the coldest, wettest April here in England since records began I am not about to miss being in the garden. Of course the rain was very much needed, but now I've  turned into a typical English person, always commenting on the weather, and yes, wondering IF the summer will unfold, or pack up and leave in short while. Nonetheless, it is a glorious afternoon, bird song from morning till dusk, and the smell of damp grass is lovely. England need 33 runs to win the game in the Test match against the West Indies at Lords. So here's hoping to a perfect ending to a day to savour!  

Monday 21st May 2012.